Interested in learning more about the FCPA, FCPA enforcement, FCPA congressional activity, and other related topics?

The following links take you to sites devoted to the FCPA or related topics hosted by enforcement agencies, law firms and others. These sites contain, among other things, original source documents, enforcement action data and analysis, scholarship, and additional news and views on the FCPA and related topics.

Enforcement Agencies

Department of Justice

Contains the FCPA (in fifty languages); the DOJ’s views on the FCPA; portions of the FCPA’s legislative history; original source documents from DOJ FCPA enforcement actions; FCPA opinion procedure regulations and releases including a topical index and summaries; and links to other international anti-bribery agreements.

In November 2012, the DOJ and SEC issued FCPA Guidance – see here.  (For a Chinese translation of the FCPA Guidance, see here).

Securities and Exchange Commission

Contains information on SEC FCPA enforcement actions, including links to original source documents.

Congressional Activity

Senate Hearing (Nov. 2010), “Examining Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” (hearing transcript here, video coverage here)

House Hearing (June 2011), “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” (hearing transcript here, video coverage here)

For additional information on FCPA or related congressional activity, see posts under this tag.

News and Analysis

The following sites – run by law firms, lawyers, academics, and media organizations – contain frequently updated news and analysis regarding the FCPA and related topics.

Anticorruption Blog

Bribery Library

Corruption, Crime & Compliance

Debevoise & Plimpton

Deming Blog

FCPAmericas Blog


FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog

FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report

Miller & Chevalier

Risk & Compliance Journal

The Global Anti-Corruption Blog

Trace Blog

Research Resources, including the firm’s extensive FCPA Digest

Hughes Hubbard FCPA Publication

Trace Compendium

FCPA Scholarship

In the upper-right hand corner, search for “FCPA” to find approximatley 120 FCPA and related articles published in law reviews, journals and other professional publications and posted on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).  For additional FCPA scholarship, see posts under this tag.

Federal Organizational Prosecution Agreements

The site contains federal organizational prosecution agreements, including non-prosecution and deferred prosecution agreements (NPAs, DPAs), used to resolve FCPA and other enforcement actions.  For additional statistics and information on NPAs and DPAs, see here from Gibson Dunn & Crutcher.

Other Useful Resources

ABA Global Anti-Corruption Task Force

Business Anti-Corruption Portal

Ethisphere Anti-Corruption Resource Center

FCPA – Travel Act Decision Tree


FCPA Word Clouds

Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development

Transparency International